Part 1. Human vs AV

1. Cognitive Differences

OODA, devised by a U.S. Air Force colonel
VEHICLE SYSTEM DYNAMICS 2020, VOL. 58, NO. 5, 672–704
  1. Look around with multiple sensors.
  2. Localize themselves in the situation with a computer and cloud networking in the vehicle.
  3. Based on data from all sensors and the cloud, judge the next action.
  4. Operating the vehicle.
Characteristics table by self-driving car sensor

2. Communication failure

  • Information for human drivers
    With the development of autonomous driving technology, the human role is now closer to a supervisor, not a real driver. Human is on top of the loop with semi-AV. In other words, the information we need while driving has also changed. Inside the vehicle, indicators that evaluate the operating ability of a machine driver are more important, not information necessary for driving, such as speedometers and traffic information.
Tesla, Full Self Driving Beta Interface_Oct 20,2020
  • Communication methods for human drivers
    The medium of the interface is as important as the contents of the information to be delivered to human drivers. With the development of technology, communication with cars while driving has become possible not only with physical keys and buttons, but also with cell phones, hand gestures, and voices.




a second-year design grad at University of Washington / UX designer based in Seattle

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Solji Lee

Solji Lee

a second-year design grad at University of Washington / UX designer based in Seattle

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